Easter songs and rhymes

Easter Bunny

                                Easter Bunny soft and white,                                        
Hop, little rabbit, hop, hop, hop,
                                Hopping quickly out of sight,                                        
Hop, little rabbit, don't you stop!
                                Bringing treats and goodies too.                                     
Hop, little rabbit, one, two, three,
                                I wish I could play with you.                                         
Hop, little rabbit, hop to me!
                                Turn around don't hop away,
                                Maybe you can stay and play.

                                Here comes Peter Cottontail                                          Robbie the Rabbit is fat, fat, fat,
                                Hoppin' down the bunny trail,                                        His soft little paws go pat, pat, pat.
                                Hippity hoppity,                                                            His soft little ears go flop, flop, flop,
                                Easter's on it's way.                                                      And when Robbie runs he goes hop, hop, hop.

Jelly bean countdown

5 little jelly beans
I wish I had more
I'll eat the (red) one
Now there are four.

4 little jelly beans
Tasty as can be
I'll eat the (yellow) one
Now there are three.

3 little jelly beans
Only a few
I'll eat the (orange) one
Now there are two.

2 little jelly beans
Eating them is fun
I'll eat the (green) one
Now there is one.

1 little jelly bean
The last one for me
I'll eat the (blue) one
I'm as happy as can be.