Halloween jokes

Question: -What did the witch eat on the beach?
Answer: - A sand-witch.

Q: - What does a hungry ghost want to eat?
A: - Ice-scream!

Q: -What kind of trousers do ghosts wear?
A: - BOO-jeans!

Q: - Where does Dacula keep his money?
A: - In the blood-bank.

Q: - Why did the cat cross the road?
A: - Because he wanted to get to the other side.

Q: - What did the ghost say when he bump his head?

Baby monster: - Mum! I don't like Dad...!
Mother monster: - Well, just eat the chips!

Q: - What room do the ghosts NOT need?
A: - The living-room.

Q: - What is black, white and orange?
A: - A penguin with a pumpkin.

Q: - What did one ghost say to the other?
A: - Do you believe in people?

Q: - How do monsters count to 13?
A: - On their fingers.

Q: - Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
A: - Because he had no body to go with.

Q: - What do monsters call people?
A: - Breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Q: - Why does the witch travel on broomstick?
A: - Because she hsn't got money for a hoover.

Q: - Where do ghosts send their letters?
A: - At the ghost-office.