Pumpkin carving

                    You will need:
                    1. CUT AN OPENING in the top or bottom of a pumpkin. Make the hole big so you can clean out the pumpkin easily.
                    Save the top of the pumpkin!                                                      

                    2. CLEAN THE INSIDE of the pumpkin.

                    3. Cut out the paper face and TAPE IT to the pumpkin.

                    4. POKE THROUGH the paper and the pumpkin
                        with a poker or a knife and make dots along the outline on the pumpkin.

                    5. Hold the pumpkin and MAKE THE HOLES you dotted.

                    6. From dot to dot CUT THE FACE of the pumpkin with a knife or a saw.

                    7. CUT A CHIMNEY on the top of the pumpkin tolet the smoke go out.

Have fun!