Spring crafts

Spring pinwheels

You will need:

1. Draw or print the pinwheel squares on coloured papers:


2. Cut the squares and along the lines.

3. Pull every corner into the centre of the square.

4. Poke the pin through the centre and poke it throught the wooden dowel.

5. Bend the end of the pin behind the pinwheel.

6. First it won't spin very well, but the hole becomes larger and the wheel will spin freely.

Handprint tulips

You will need:
  • White paper
  • Finger paint

1. Paint your forearm green.

2. Press your arm onto the paper to make the stems.

3. Paint your hands red without your thumbs.

4. Close your fingers and press your hand onto the white paper.

5. You can make grass, butterflies, caterpillars, mushrooms like this.

Paper caterpillar

You will need:
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or coloured pencils

1. Cut two strips of paper (the longer the better).

2. Glue the pieces together in an L shape:


3. Fold the papers like this:

        and       and       and repeat until the end of the papers.

4. Fold the papers and glue the ends together.

5. Draw a face on the front of the caterpillar.