Aesop: The Lion and the Mouse

One day a lion was sleeping in the jungle. A tiny mouse ran about in the grass and accidently ran over the lion's head and down his nose.

The lion woke up with a loud roar and caught the little mouse. He opened his huge mouth and wanted to swallow it when the mouse started to shout:
'Pardon me, O King,' said the little mouse. 'Please, forgive me this time and I'll never forget your kindness! I didn't want to disturb or hurt Your Majesty! Perhaps I can do some good to you next time.'

The lion started to laugh. 'How could a tiny little mouse like you ever do anything to help me?' smiled the lion. 'Oh well,' said the lion and he put the mouse down. 'You're not big enough to be my dinner.' And the mouse could run away.

A few weeks later some hunters came to the jungle and they wanted to catch the lion. So they made traps of strong nets. The lion came there hunting for some food and unfortunately fell into a trap. He roared loudly and tried to escape but the more he moved the tighter the ropes became.

The lion was desperate. His voice was heard in every corner of the jungle. Even the tiny mouse heard it.

'Perhaps he's the lion who freed me.' he remembered his promise and ran towards the lion to help.

At the trap the mouse looked at the lion and said: 'Stop! Stop! Don't roar! The hunters can hear you! I can help you to get out.' With his sharp little teeth the mouse started to chew the ropes of the net until they broke.

Finally the lion could step out of the trap. 'Thank you, good mouse!' said the lion. 'You REALLY could help me even if I thought you're too small. I see now kindness is not a question of size.'

Even the strong sometimes need the friendship of the week.

The end