The Teddy Bear


Once upon a time, there was a little boy, his name was Ben. On his first birthday, his parents got him a soft brown teddy bear. The little baby boy carried his teddy bear with him every where he went. At night the teddy bear always fell asleep next to the baby boy.

Ben grew up and got his own bedroom and a big bed to sleep in. The teddy bear got to sleep next to him in bed every night. He was his favorite toy. Ben took his teddy bear everywhere he went. The teddy bear went with the boy to the zoo, the parks, and even to school.

Ben became a teenager and he liked video games ang going out with his friends more and more. He stopped taking his teddy bear with him, which made the bear a little bit sad. Still, he put his teddy bear next to him in bed every night.

Then Ben started going camping with his friends. He spent a few nights at a time at camp. The teddy bear missed his friend a lot on those days. When Ben was back from camping he still remembered his favorite toy and took it to bed with him.

Ben went to a university in the big city. The boy was now a young man. He came back home for just a few days. Mom took all of Ben's toys and put them in a big box in the attic. But, the teddy bear was always special so Mom decided to put him on one of the empty shelves so that when Ben was back home to visit he could see his favorite bear. Ben's visits were too short and he spent his time visiting his old friends, neighbors, and family. He went to bed late at night, and often forgot to put the bear in bed anymore. The bear was so sad and missed the nice old days when he got to sleep every night next to Ben in his bed.

Ben, got a job in the big city. He had his own place there and only came to visit for a few hours on the weekends. Some weekends the teddy bear could not even see his friend. The teddy bear was so lonely. Many nights, he sat alone crying in the dark, and dreaming of the days when he went everywhere with his friend and slept every night next to him. He always hoped that his friend would come to take him back to the big city, but it never happened.

Ben met a very nice woman who worked with him and they both liked each other. They got married, and after a year they had a little baby boy. They loved their baby a lot and often brought him over to his grandparents' house.

One day Ben remembered his favorite teddy bear and thought that his little baby boy would love it. He ran to his old room, went straight to the shelf and grabbed his old friend the teddy bear. The bear was very happy because his old friend visited him.

When Ben gave his old bear to his baby boy to play with, the baby was so happy he didn't leave it alone for the day. At the end of the day, Ben and his family said goodbye to his parents and went to their own home. This time the teddy bear came with them. That night, and every night after that, the teddy bear got to sleep next to the baby boy. Just like his father, the baby boy took the teddy bear with him every where he went. The teddy bear was so happy. Now he had a new family that loved him.