The story of  Valentine's Day

14th of february is St. Valentine's Day. On this day almost everybody gives cards, flowers, candies and presents to the people they love. The story of Valentine's Day goes together with different legends about St. Valentine.

According to a legend ST. VALENTINE was a priest about 1800 years ago. At that time Claudius II. was the Emperor in Rome. He didn't want the young soldiers to marry because they can fight better without families. But St. Valentine married the young men and women secretly. The Emperor found it out so he executed St. Valentine on the 14th of February in 269 AD. Later he was named a saint.

Another legend says Valentine was a man who helped christian people at that time. He was put in prison and waited for to be executed. He loved the daughter of his prisoner. The night before his death he sent a message to his love and signed it as 'Your Valentine'. These words are used even today on valentine cards.

We don't know the truth about St. Valentine but nowadays he is the patron of lovers and people celebrate 14th of February since the Middle Ages.

On Valentine's Day we ofter meet a little boy with wings and an arrow in his hands. He's CUPID or Cupido in Latin. He is the son of Venus, the godess of love. In Roman mythology Cupid is a naughty boy who flies around gods and people. He uses his arrow to shoot everybody and make them fall in love with each other.

Love birds and turtle doves are very common on Valentine's Day. Doves and pigeons choose mate for lifetime so they are symbols of true love and fidelity.