Winter crafts

Snowman craft

You will need:


1. Tear little pieces of the white paper (30-40 pieces)

2. Glue them on the blue paper: make a snowman!

3. Tear OR cut the two eyes, the hat, the mouth and the buttons of the snowman and glue them on the blue paper.

4. Make the orange nose by tearing or cutting the orange paper.

5. Glue the nose on the snowman.

6. Use matches or brown paper for the two hands of the snowman and glue them on the blue paper.

7. Wait until it's dry!

8. Hang it on the window!

Snow angel

When it is snowing make a snow angel!


1. Lie down in the snow

2. Move your arms up and down

3. Move your legs left and right

4. Stand up and look at the snow angel in the snow!

Winter picture

You will need:
  • Blue paper for background
  • Black pencil
  • Glue
  • Rice and poppy


1. Draw a winter picture with your pencil on the blue paper.

2. Glue the picture on the paper.

3. Pour some rice and some poppy on the paper. They will stick in the glue.

4. Wait until it's dry!

5. When it's dry shake the picture carefully!

6. Hang it on the wall!